10 Most Badass Army Slogans That Will Make You Proud To Be An Indian

Hello Defence Lovers, It’s a tough life being in the army. One needs all the motivation one can have. And as it turns out, the Indian Army is quite bad-ass when it comes to keeping its jawaans motivated. We all know how brave is our Indian army is, since long our soldiers are guarding the border day and night, sacrificing their lives for the country and its people without giving a single thought about their own lives. But how many of us know how BADASS is our Indian army and its soldiers are; our Indian army soldier’s bad ass killer attitude can scare the hell out of our enemies. Here are 20 super cool pictures which totally describe the courage, killer attitude and way of life of our Indian army soldiers.

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(1.) This One Seems To Be Inspired By The Bhagavad Gita.
(2.) Indian Army At Its Dabangg Best.

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(3.) OTA, Chennai

(4.) Will You Dare To Enter.

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(5.) Regiment Of Artillery.

(6.) Indian Army.
(7.) The Camp Of 27 RR In Aloosa Village.

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(8.) This is what soldier’s life is all about, glorious isn’t it?
(9.) May God have Mercy On Our Enemies, Because we Won’t.

(10.) Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw.

Jai Hind

Most Badass Regiments Of Indian Army