10 Infamous Myths About SSB Interview

Hello Defence Lovers, The SSB Interview Process is completely fair process it does not demarcate whether you come from the best of school, or whether you come from village or from a  cosmopolitan city or whether you come from a back ground full of defence forces or not or maybe whether you come from the family of defence forces personnel or maybe you are the ward of a serving defence personnel ,  what is required in the ssb and what assessors are looking for is the OLQ’s and nothing else. In SSB interview person is jugged not on any other matter of fact but himself. But even after having sufficient guidance from different sources, some myths about SSB prevails among the aspirants. With this article our intention here is to throw light into certain infamous myths about it.

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(1.) Mess Staff:
  • A common myth prevails among the candidates that SSB Mess staff are efficient Human observers and they will report to the President about your conduct in Mess ie How do you watch TV, How you talk with Group mates etc.
  • It is absolutely a wrong notion and your personality is assessed only by the GTO, Psycho and IO.
(2.) Language:
  • It is widely believed among the candidates that those who are really good at English can get recommended.
  • It is absolutely wrong and Language is not at all a parameter of selection. It will be absolutely a blunder to use sophisticated language during your stay at SSB.
  • It will not create any favorable impression. And it is also wrong that those who cannot speak well in English are not recommended.
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(3.) Education:
  • It is absolutely wrong to believe that those who get high standard education in Convent Schools or Schools in Metropolitan cities.
  • Actually those who come from backward places are found to be more effective at SSB.
  • A high grade is not going to impress the SSB and poor Grades shall not cause a problem in SSB as SSB is not a competition.
(4.) Coaching Centres:
  • It is widely believed that SSB doesn’t like trained candidates. That is absolutely wrong. And it is also wrong to believe Coaching provides an undue advantage over other candidates.
  • No coaching can improve your OLQ’s unless you try to do so. But coaching greatly increases your confidence and reduces your time consume during Psychological tests.
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(5.) Favoritism:
  • There is nothing stuff in the SSB which can ever give undue advantage for a candidate over others.
  • SSB doesn’t consider whether you are from RIMC or from a Rural School, OR whether you went to coaching or not.
  • SSB is so designed to see that all candidates, whether he got coaching or not, a student of RIMC or a convent school, or from a Village or a cosmopolitan city, shall have an equal chances and no one gets any advantage over other.
  • The pals of Army Officers, or Veterans or a cadet of NCC shall not have any advantage. Only you need to project your OLQ’s. That’s it.
(6.) Repeaters:
  • Repeaters are also given attention in SSB. It is absolutely a blunder to believe that fresher has a greater chance of selection.
  • But it sometimes happens mainly because their Psycho part remains much natural than Repeaters. So repeaters go ahead.
  • Take care of your Psychology. And it is wrong to believe that once getting Conferenced out will be an end of your career.
  • You might not have been able to project some of Your OLQ’s well. You might get recommended in the next attempts.
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(7.) SSB Evaluation and Individual Obstacles:
  • SSB is not a competition and hence your aim must not be for securing maximum marks particularly in Psycho as you may try to answer maximum questions within allotted time leaving several blunders in the answers most particularly in SRT.
  • So take your time, answer every SRT considering your own Reactions only.
  • Please do not copy any answers from anywhere. And it is wrong to believe that attempting maximum IO’s would increase your chances of selection.
  • IO is an individual task and doesn’t have much importance unlike the Group Tasks.
  • So please don’t start preparation for Individual Obstacles from the moment you get your call letter. Give more focus on Psychology particularly repeaters.
(8.) Speaking More Will Show Your Qualities:
  • It happens mostly with the repeaters. They try to speak more to show their qualities, which is not a way to present your personality.
  • Well, over speaking always spoil the game. Give chance to other candidates and speak what is relevant and necessary.
  • Don’t display your qualities by yourself. Let the accessory grasp them.
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(9.) Bluffing In Interview Can Hide Your Shortcomings:
  • Some candidates perceive practicing for interview as preparing to bluff in the Interviewing Officer.
  • IO is trained to observe the personality of the candidate by his words.
  • If the access-er find any contradiction in what you speak and what you write or do, then it will take you down.
  • It is better to accept your shortcomings and mistakes rather than hiding or justifying them with fake excuses.
(10.) Following The Selected Candidates Ensures Recommendation:
  • Performing like the recommended candidates can never ensure recommendation.
  • The activities performed by the recommended candidates would have suited their personalities, but it is not compulsory that those would suit you.
  • Try to reveal your own personality without any mix up and stay genuine.
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